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Deron H

Arts & Culture strategist//executive leader & entrepreneur


Louisa did an amazing job at helping me keep myself accountable to the goals I set for myself personally and professionally. She gave me perspective in the areas where I was out of alignment, and helped me get into the right frame of mind to breathe life into my creative pursuits. She is gifted at helping leaders take stock of their brilliance in service to their dreams - for the sake of transformation, and for the sake of themselves.

Zach p



Working with Louisa has given me the tools and feedback I needed to level up! Her business coaching sessions not only gave me much more clarity on what my values, brand, mission, and goals are, but her process also gave me confidence in myself to know and communicate my value in a cohesive and impactful way. I'm now more comfortable saying "NO" to the wrong opportunities and confident in saying "YES" to the right ones because I know they align with and will advance my multi-passionate career.

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Dominique e

nonprofit administrator// photography blogger


When I first started working with Louisa, I was settling for my job and unaware of what I was truly looking for.  After having multiples sessions and reevaluating my career path, she has helped to define my core strengths and values that I can bring...not just in my career but in my life.  Louisa has helped me re-direct my approach to the job search and the importance of personal fulfillment.  She is an excellent listener and communicator, sometimes I feel that I've known her my whole life!  Because of Louisa, I feel more confident and motivated in finding the perfect job. Thank you, Louisa!

hadley c

health coach & yoga instructor


My experience in with working with Louisa was absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend her services. I personally have had a varied range of jobs in my career and her straight to the point, and clear message approach in formatting resumes and cover letters was huge help in making my work experience more presentable and visible to potential employers. Thank you Louisa

Mark u




If you are like me and feel like resumes and cover letters and cv's are these horrifying pdfs shrouded in mystery that make you think, "maybe I could just not have a job... that would be better than writing this...", you should contact Louisa and get her help. She kind of blew my mind with how easy this stuff can be. What are you waiting for? Seriously why are you still reading this? Contact her!!! She is the best!!!"

chanelle h

project & Implementation manager


Louisa is an extremely talented individual who has a passion for developing others. I've only know Louisa for a short period but she made me feel comfortable upon first meeting her. When I have career-related questions I can depend on Louisa to provide honest and helpful feedback. Her ability to listen attentively and pay attention to detail allowed me to discover skills I didn't even know I had. Louisa is a talented success coach and great person overall. I would recommend her services to anyone!!