Whether you have a job or you're in business for yourself, you probably spend most of your day at work. Shouldn't you have fun while you're doing it? Life is too short to be trapped in a career you hate. The good news is that change is possible, and it starts right here!

I help innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and non-conforming individuals develop strategies to navigate career jumps, roadblocks, and reinventions in order to design kick-ass careers. 

Interested in giving coaching a try? Ask yourself if any of the statements below sound familiar...

  • You're frustrated with a “grind” that empties you of inspiration but doesn’t fill you up in return.
  • You keep making lateral moves and can never snag the promotion.
  • You want to switch over to a new field but have no idea where to start.
  • You're a creative leader or manager with innovative ideas that don’t seem to go anywhere.
  • You're looking for an effective way to balance your side-hustle and your 9 to 5.
  • You're an entrepreneur with a portfolio career looking to take your business to the next level.
  • You could use a hand with resume writing, job searching, and landing interviews.

If you're thinking "Yeah, that sounds like me..." then coaching might be for you! I offer a free 30 Minute "Chemistry Session" to all new clients. Click below to contact me and we'll put some time on the calendar!


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If you're gearing up to make a career move but hate the thought of tackling your resume I've got you covered. I can help you articulate your experience in a way that highlights your personality, showcases your impact, and gets you noticed. I'll do it in one of two ways:


I'll coach you through the resume writing process and help you learn how to frame your experience on paper and in person in a 60 minute consultation. 

cost: $75


Let me take the guess work out of writing your resume! We'll talk about your experience, your passions, and your goals together in a 60 minute consultation and I'll deliver you a freshly updated resume 5 business days later so you don't have to lift a finger.

starting at $150


Do you feel stuck? Whether you're ready to stop making lateral moves and take your career to a new level...or reinvent it altogether, I can help you make it happen. In this series of individual 1:1 coaching sessions I'll help you to:

  • discover your core values and help you align your professional pursuits with your authentic self
  • identify your career assets and leverage them to take a step up in your professional life, business, or career.
  • create a strategic plan to support your goals.
  • establish a system that allows you to stay accountable, consistent, and focused well into the future.  

cost: $399/four coaching sessions

Want to mix and match? Customize your experience? Have a burning question? Give me a shout!