#30by30: "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

Last month when I turned 29, I experienced the inevitable "feels" that accompany coming to grips with living the last year of your twenties. I felt as though I must do something big to commemorate this last year of my "youth" and go out with a big hoorah - so I decided I should do 30 of something before I hit the big 3-0....

Now, few people out there know this because I do much more public speaking than most people (it comes with my job)...but man, do I get nervous when it's time to get up on stage and share my ideas! During my time in school as a classically-trained musician, I spent hours and hours on stage perfecting the art of performance, but as the years have gone by, and my career has evolved, I've begun to feel like I've lost my mojo in a sense. I know it's normal to feel a few nerves before getting in-front of an audience, but I wish I could get back to "loving" the stage as much as I did when I performed professionally.

Anyway, back to those 30 things....

I tossed the thought around for a while. "What 30 somethings should I choose? 30 books? 30 wine tastings? 30 new cities?" These all seemed so cliche and uninspiring - until the idea came to me -- 30 speeches before I turn 30! In an effort to lean into my passion for speaking and to rekindle the fire I once had for being on-stage, I've decided to find 30 new opportunities to speak publicly and document each one here with you all. First up is a speech I gave at the Women's History Month Closing Ceremony at the University of Memphis. All I can say is wow - if the words I was able to share with the ladies (and gentlemen) in the room were able to capture but a fraction of the inspiration and power exuding from the evening's honorees, then I did my job well :) Check out speech #1 of 30 right here.

Shameless plug - I'll be looking for speaking and presenting opportunities over the course of the next 12 months and if you need a speaker, I'd love to be considered! While I'm happy to speak and/or present workshops on a variety of subjects, my bread and butter topics include career design & advancement, entrepreneurship & innovation strategy, and personal/leadership development from a brain-based perspective.

...and if you're looking for a killer keynote, I'm your girl. 

Let the 30 by 30 challenge commence!
Go Forth. Be Brilliant.